A Product Model of a Road

Rebolj, D.

Many errors and delays frequently appear when data is exchanged between particular tasks in the lifecycle of the road. Inter-task connections are therefore of great importance for the quality of the final product. The article describes a product model of a road wich is the kernel of an integrated information system intended to support all important stages of the road lifecycle: design, evaluation (through different analysis procedures), construction, and maintainance. Since particular tasks are often executed at different places and in different companies, the interconnections are supported by a special metafile which contains all specific data of the product model. The concept of the integrated system is object and component oriented. Additionally, existing conventional program packages are included to support some common tasks (methods). A conventional relational database system as well as an open spatial database system with the relevant GIS functionality are included to support the data structures of the model.


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Rebolj, D.: A Product Model of a Road. 2005.

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