Models generation : from urban simulation to virtual reality

Zoller, J.; Maltret, J.-L.; Poutrain, K.

The aim of researches conducted within gamsau about urban simulation, in particular Remus project, is to allow rapid modeling of large and regular urban zones, for purpose of interactive navigation (like VRML) or for realistic rendering (ray-tracing methods). One of problems to be solved in this context is the multiplicity of data formats : inputs come from different sources, and outputs are for heterogeneous systems of visualization. Typically CSG and boundary representation must be generated, treated and converted during building of models. Furthermore, the generated models can be more or less refined, depending on requests and type of use. This paper describes the general context of data models conversion, problems concerning levels of detail and implementation done in Remus, based on object oriented approach.


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Zoller, J., Maltret, J.-L., Poutrain, K., 2005. Models generation : from urban simulation to virtual reality.
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