Real-time Coupling of Multi-Domain Representational and Analytical Building Object Models via Homology-based Mapping

Ideally, multiple computational building evaluation routines (particularly simulation tools) should be coupled in real-time to the representational design model to provide timely performance feed-back to the system user. In this paper we demonstrate how this can be achieved effectively and conveniently via homology-based mapping. We consider two models as homologous if they entail isomorphic topological information. If the general design representation (i.e., a shared object model) is generated in a manner so as to include both the topological building information and pointers to the semantic information base, it can be used to directly derive the domain representations (>enriched< object models with detailed configurational information and filtered semantic data) needed for evaluation purposes. As a proof of concept, we demonstrate a computational design environment that dynamically links an object-oriented space-based design model, with structurally homologous object models of various simulation routines.


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