Numerical Algorithms and Computer Modeling for nonlinear Analysis of Shell Structures

Kirichuk, A.; Köppler, H.

The dynamic behaviour of shells, which are widely used in construction and mechanical engineering as critical components of machinery and 3-D structures, under static and dynamic loadings is described by system of deep nonlinear differential equations. Solution of these equations can be received with assistance of technique basing on a modern numerical algorithms and computer modeling.. The system of nonlinear differential equations of vibration of the shells is proposed taking into account the inertia forces in the tangential and normal directions. Its solution is based on combination of parameter prolongation method, finite-difference method and the Newton-Kantorovich iterative algorithm that allows plotting the loading trajectories and determination of bifurcation points on them. Package of Applied Programs >SEVSOR< is a computation means to be used in research of deformation, stability and vibration in thin axically-symmetric shells of complicated shape Input data include information on shell geometry, physical and mechanical properties, bearing conditions, types of loadings and load application. Frame output of motion forms in real time or either in decelerated or accelerated time scales for creating cartoons or video films is used for analysis of the compound dynamic processes in shell-type structures.


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Kirichuk, A. / Köppler, H.: Numerical Algorithms and Computer Modeling for nonlinear Analysis of Shell Structures. 2005.

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