Interactive project planning in construction based on virtual reality technology

Sampaio, Alcinia Zita; Henriques, Pedro

This paper describes a didactic application that is part of a research project whose main aim is to develop a computer-aided system which will assist design and construction processes. It is based on the visual simulation of construction activities. Geometric modeling and virtual reality techniques are used in the visualization of the design process and to define user-friendly interfaces in order to access construction information, which could prove useful to Civil Engineering professionals. As a first step, was developed a prototype that serves as a didactic tool for Civil Engineering students of disciplines concerned with building construction. The construction of a double brick wall is the case studied. The wall is defined as a three dimensional model formed with the several components needed to edify it. Using the wall's virtual model it is possible to show, in an interactive way, the sequence of the construction process and observe from any point of view the configurations in detail of the building components. This is then a didactic tool application in construction processes domain of great interest to Civil Engineering students.


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Sampaio, A.Z., Henriques, P., 2005. Interactive project planning in construction based on virtual reality technology.
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