Mechanical Models with Interval Parameters

Popova, E. D.; Datcheva, Maria; Iankov, Roumen

In this paper we consider modelling of composite material with inclusions where the elastic material properties of both matrix and inclusions are uncertain and vary within prescribed bounds. Such mechanical systems, involving interval uncertainties and modelled by finite element method, can be described by parameter dependent systems of linear interval equations and process variables depending on the system solution. A newly developed hybrid interval approach for solving parametric interval linear systems is applied to the considered model and the results are compared to other interval methods. The hybrid approach provides very sharp bounds for the process variables - element strains and stresses. The sources for overestimation when dealing with interval computations are demonstrated. Based on the element strains and stresses, we introduce a definition for the values of nodal strains and stresses by using a set-theoretic approach.


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Popova, E. D. / Datcheva, Maria / Iankov, Roumen: Mechanical Models with Interval Parameters. 2005.

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