Object Information Packs as a Base for Information Modelling in Construction

Nour, Mohamed; Beucke, Karl

The construction industry is suffering form the existence of isolated islands of software applications and bottle neck solutions. The idea of an integrated virtual database that consists of separated platforms, representing various disciplines, depending on the web technology is envisaged to solve the problem of integration. This paper is about the production and use of OIPs (Object Information Packs) as a part of the construction material product in the form of XML files that include all the technical and commercial data of the product, which might be needed by any discipline in its overall life cycle. This object information pack is neutral and independent of any software application. It is assumed to fit in a building product model at the IFC (resource layer). An example of brick - wall aggregation process is used to demonstrate the capability of the technology and the ability of non computer science experts to use it.


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Nour, Mohamed / Beucke, Karl: Object Information Packs as a Base for Information Modelling in Construction. 2005.

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