Textile Reinforced Concrete Part II: Multi-Level Modeling Concept

Konrad, Martin; Chudoba, Rostislav; Butenweg, Christoph

The development of a consistent material model for textile reinforced concrete requires the formulation and calibration of several sub-models on different resolution scales. Each of these models represents the material structure at the corresponding scale. While the models at the micro-level are able to capture the fundamental failure and damage mechanisms of the material components (e.g. filament rupture and debonding from the matrix) their computational costs limit their application to the small size representative unit cells of the material structure. On the other hand, the macro-level models provide a sufficient performance at the expense of limited range of applicability. Due to the complex structuring of the textile reinforced concrete at several levels (filament - yarn - textile - matrix) it is a non-trivial task to develop a multiscale model from scratch. It is rather more effective to develop a set of conceptually related sub-models for each structural level covering the selected phenomena of the material behavior. The homogenized effective material properties obtained at the lower level may be verified and validated using experiments and models at the higher level(s). In this paper the development of a consistent material model for textile reinforced concrete is presented. Load carrying and failure mechanisms at the micro, meso and macro scales are described and models with the focus on the specified scales are introduced. The models currently being developed in the framework of the collaborative research center are classified and evaluated with respect to the failure mechanisms being captured. The micromechanical modeling of the yarn and bonding behavior is discussed in detail and the correspondence with the experiments focused on the selected failure and interaction mechanisms is shown. The example of modeling the bond layer demonstrates the application of the presented strategy.


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Konrad, Martin / Chudoba, Rostislav / Butenweg, Christoph: Textile Reinforced Concrete Part II: Multi-Level Modeling Concept. 2005.

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