Finite Element Analysis of Building Collapse during Demolition

Kabele, Petr; Pokorny, Tomas; Koska, Robert

A computational strategy that employs a multi-level approach to model the physical phenomena that occur during a structural collapse is used to simulate demolition of a multi-story precast concrete building. The building is modeled by means of beam elements, whose rigidity relations have been derived from a fracture mechanics-based model of cracked RC panels and joints. The motion and deformation of the collapsing building are solved as a transient dynamic problem in the finite displacements/ rotations range. The presented approach appears as an efficient way to verify whether a proposed demolition method leads to the desired mechanism of building collapse. By simulating various blasting scenarios, the most suitable demolition procedure is identified.


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Kabele, Petr / Pokorny, Tomas / Koska, Robert: Finite Element Analysis of Building Collapse during Demolition. 2005.

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