Expert Decision System for Location Determination of Industrial Parks

Kalaldeh, Murad

Business enterprises find themselves forced to choose between plots within a predetermined site instead of choosing a site within a region to be distinguished for industrial uses. Their traditional role in making their own market studies regarding inputs and outputs is no longer valid under the new circumstances. The central planner has taken over their role and given them limited paths along which they can practice their production. Site selection has turned into plot selection within a predetermined site. Modeling is a technique used in regional planning, which allows the demonstration of certain industrial park related relations in a numerical form. The science of mathematics is widely used in this technique because of its ability to set relations in a logical relationship that can clarify the dilemma under discussion and reflect results in numerical form. This paper observes the relationship between the architectural product and its effect on the urban fabric in regions and provinces by means of scientific modeling. The developed method for the clarification of the relationship between the industrial parks and urban localities in Jordan can by used to determine similar cases elsewhere. A new model for the evaluation of big-scale projects, such as industrial parks, which was developed in the author's dissertation at the Graz University of Technology, is going to be presented. This modeling technique was called the Ranking Model (RM). The constructed RM gives no solutions for existing regional planning disparities, but rather points to possible solutions according to the strategies followed in each country.


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Kalaldeh, Murad: Expert Decision System for Location Determination of Industrial Parks. 2005.

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