Determination of Effects of Modefications during Planning Processes

Heinrich, Timo; Huhnt, Wolfgang

Usually, the co-ordination of design and planning tasks of a project in the construction industries is done in a paper based way. Subsequent modifications have to be handled manually. The effects of modifications cannot be determined automatically. The approach to specify a complete process model before project start does not consider the requirements of the construction industries. The effort of specification at the beginning and during the process (modifications) does not justify the use of standard process model techniques. A new approach is presented in the according paper. A complete process model is deducted on the basis of a core. The core consists of process elements and specific relations between them. Modifications need to be specified in the core only. The effort of specification is therefore reduced. The deduction of the complete process is based on the graph theory. Algorithms of the graph theory are also used to determine the effects of modifications during project work.


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Heinrich, Timo / Huhnt, Wolfgang: Determination of Effects of Modefications during Planning Processes. 2005.

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