Applications of Bergman kernel functions

Gürlebeck, Klaus GND; Bock, Sebastian; Falcao, M. Irene

In this paper we revisit the so-called Bergman kernel method (BKM) for solving conformal mapping problems. This method is based on the reproducing property of the Bergman kernel function. The main drawback of this well known technique is that it involves an orthonormalization process and thus is numerically unstable. This difficulty can be, in some cases, overcome by using the Maple system, which makes no use of numeric quadrature. We illustrate this implementation by presenting a numerical example. The construction of reproducing kernel functions is not restricted to real dimension 2. Results concerning the construction of Bergman kernel functions in closed form for special domains in the framework of hypercomplex function theory suggest that BKM can also be extended to mapping problems in higher dimensions, particularly 3-dimensional cases. We describe such a generalized BKM-approach and present numerical examples obtained by the use of specially developed software packages for quaternions.


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Gürlebeck, Klaus / Bock, Sebastian / Falcao, M. Irene: Applications of Bergman kernel functions. 2005.

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