Computer Modeling of the Joints for WGP Construction Systems

Baranski, Jacek; Boron, Jacek

Poland is not situated in any seismic region of the earth, however there are still areas were underground mining is being conducted. In these areas, so-called 'paraseismic tremors', are very frequent phenomena. In the situation when a building examination is realized in order to define its safety, it is necessary to make a complete analysis, in which an influence of tremors should be included. To decide if a building is able to carry out any dynamic loads or not, it is necessary to compute its dynamic characteristics, i.e. natural frequencies. It is not possible using any standard techniques. After diagnosis a building in situ by an expert, computer techniques together with specialized software for dynamic, static, and strength analyses become a suitable tool. In this paper a special attention was paid to a typical twelve-store WGP (Wroclaw Great Plate) prefabricated building, concerning special type of joints. During dynamic actions these joints have a decisive influence on building's behavior. Paraseismic tremors are especially dangerous for these buildings and can be the reason of pre-failure states. It can be difficult and very expensive to prepare laboratory investigations of the part of a building or of a separate joint; therefore the computer modeling suitable to investigate behavior of such elements and whole buildings under different kinds of loads was used.


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Baranski, J., Boron, J., 2005. Computer Modeling of the Joints for WGP Construction Systems.
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