Constructive Aspects of Monogenic Function Theory

Cacao, Isabel

As it is well known, the approximation theory of complex valued functions is one of the main fields in function theory. In general, several aspects of approximation and interpolation are only well understood by using methods of complex analysis. It seems natural to extend these techniques to higher dimensions by using Clifford Analysis methods or, more specific, in lower dimensions 3 or 4, by using tools of quaternionic analysis. One starting point for such attempts has to be the suitable choice of complete orthonormal function systems that should replace the holomorphic function systems used in the complex case. The aim of our contribuition is the construction of a complete orthonormal system of monogenic polynomials derived from a harmonic function system by using sistematically the generalized quaternionic derivative


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Cacao, I., 2004. Constructive Aspects of Monogenic Function Theory.
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