Knowledge Management for Small and Medium Contractors

Palaneeswaran, Ekambaram; Kumaraswamy, Mohan; Ng, Thomas

Effective knowledge management is increasingly considered as a cornerstone of sustainable business success. Knowledge management systems are strategically valuable for both ensuring consistency and continuous improvement of various aspects such as quality delivery, productivity and competitiveness. The small and medium enterprises (SMEs) in the construction industry are mostly operating under tighter timeframes, narrower profit margins and more constrained resources. Hence the recently commenced SMILE-SMC (Strategic Management with Information Leveraged Excellece for Small and Medium Contractors) project aims to support the information and knowledge management needs of the small and medium contractors in Hong Kong. This paper presents some snapshots on the SMILE-SMC project, and its conceptualized deliverables with some highlights of recent developments.


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Palaneeswaran, Ekambaram / Kumaraswamy, Mohan / Ng, Thomas: Knowledge Management for Small and Medium Contractors. 2004.

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