Finite Cell-Elements of Higher Order

Milbradt, Peter; Schierbaum, Jochen; Schwöppe, Axel

The method of the finite elements is an adaptable numerical procedure for interpolation as well as for the numerical approximation of solutions of partial differential equations. The basis of these procedure is the formulation of suitable finite elements and element decompositions of the solution space. Classical finite elements are based on triangles or quadrangles in the two-dimensional space and tetrahedron or hexahedron in the threedimensional space. The use of arbitrary-dimensional convex and non-convex polyhedrons as the geometrical basis of finite elements increases the flexibility of generating finite element decompositions substantially and is sometimes the only way to get a clear decomposition...


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Milbradt, P., Schierbaum, J., Schwöppe, A., 2004. Finite Cell-Elements of Higher Order.
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