A Calculation of Initial Cable Force for Ko-Ha Grand Bridge

Noh, Jung-Hwi; Park, Jong-Heon

The primary objective of initial shape analysis of a cable stayed bridge is to calculate initial installation cable tension forces and to evaluate fabrication camber of main span and pylon providing the final longitudinal profile of the bridge at the end of construction. In addition, the initial cable forces depending on the alternation of the bridge’s shape can be obtained from the analysis, and will be used to provide construction safety during construction. In this research, we conducted numerical experiments for initial shape of Ko-ha bridge, which will be constructed in the near future, using three different typical methods such as continuous beam method, linear truss method, and IIMF (Introducing Initial Member Force) method


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Noh, Jung-Hwi / Park, Jong-Heon: A Calculation of Initial Cable Force for Ko-Ha Grand Bridge. 2004.

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