Virtual Construction using Map-based Approach

Semenov, Vitaly; Alekseeva, Elena; Tarlapan, Oleg

The paper presents a general map-based approach to prototyping of products in virtual reality environments. Virtual prototyping of products is considered as a consistent simulation and visualization process mapping the source product model into its target visual representations. The approach enables to interrelate formally the product and visual information models with each other by defining mapping rules, to specify a prototyping scenario as a composition of map instances, and then to explore particular product models in virtual reality environments by interpreting the composed scenario. Having been realized, the proposed approach provides for the strongly formalized method and the common software framework to build virtual prototyping applications. As a result, the applications gain in expressiveness, reusability and reliability, as well as take on additional runtime flexibility...


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Semenov, Vitaly / Alekseeva, Elena / Tarlapan, Oleg: Virtual Construction using Map-based Approach. 2004.

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