Generic Services for the Support of Evolving Building Model Data

Weise, Matthias; Katranuschkov, Peter; Scherer, Raimar J.

Many problems related to data integration in AEC can be better tackled by an approach that takes into account the heterogeneity of tasks, models and applications but does not require continuous consistency of the evolving design data, at each data management operation. Such an approach must incorporate adequate services that can facilitate reintegration of concurrently modified data at reasonably selected coordination points. In this paper we present a set of methods which, used in combination, can achieve that goal. After a description of the principal envisaged cooperative work scenario each of these methods is discussed in detail and current observations drawn from their software realisation are given. Whilst the suggested approach is valid for any EXPRESS-based data model, the practical focus of work has been on facilitating IFC-driven integration.


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Weise, Matthias / Katranuschkov, Peter / Scherer, Raimar J.: Generic Services for the Support of Evolving Building Model Data. 2004.

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