User Requirements Capture in Distributed Project Environments: A Process-centred Approach

Katranuschkov, Peter; Gehre, Alexander; Scherer, Raimar J.

Efforts to define standards for representing AEC/FM data have been fairly successful. However defining a standard reference process model has not met with the same success. Yet almost every conceptual modelling or software development project starts by defining the business processes to be supported and the related requirements to be satisfied. This paper describes a new process-centred methodology for user requirements capture developed in the ICCI project (IST-2001-33022). Its essence is in recognising user requirements and use cases in the context of the real construction process, identifying the actors and roles for each individual activity and associating these activities with information, communication and standardisation requirements on the basis of a formalised specification, named the Process Matrix. In the paper we outline the history of process matrix development, introduce the basic structure of the matrix and show how it can be further extended and refined. We present also a web-based software implementation of the developed approach, describe how it has been used in ICCI and outline further perspectives.


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Katranuschkov, P., Gehre, A., Scherer, R.J., 2004. User Requirements Capture in Distributed Project Environments: A Process-centred Approach.
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