ICT Adoption in the Construction Sector: Education and Training Issues

Wilson, Ian E.; Damodaran, Leela; Olphert, Wendy

Organisational and human issues have been highlighted, among other issues (ICT infrastructures, legal and contractual, etc.), as key elements in enhancing the competitiveness of the construction sector. More specifically, the importance of human resources has been recognised, especially training and professional development, in order to cultivate a stable workforce. The paper provides a review of the key training needs for the construction sector with particular reference to the uptake and exploitation of new technologies and working practices, presents an action plan to address learning and training needs, and proposes an eight-stage iterative learning and training methodology. The results will be of particular interest to managers in stakeholder organisations of all sizes throughout the sector, plus academic and research bodies intending to continue construction ICT research.


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Wilson, Ian E. / Damodaran, Leela / Olphert, Wendy: ICT Adoption in the Construction Sector: Education and Training Issues. 2004.

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