Collaboration in Construction: Legal and Contractual Issues in ICT Applications

Hassan, Tarek; Shelbourn, Mark; Carter, Chris

The construction industry is a project-based business bringing together many different organisations to complete a desired goal. The strategic use of Information and Communication Technologies (ICT) has enabled this goal to be completed more effectively. Two issues require addressing, the technology itself and the implementation factors of the technology. Such implementation factors should consider, among other factors, the legal and contractual issues associated with the use of ICT, training requirements and its effects on the organisational culture. To date the legal and contractual issues have not been extensively covered, and it is recognised that the technologies have not been properly covered by any recognised legal and contractual practices. This in turn is threatening to inhibit the growth and prosperity of the use of the technology on construction projects. This paper discusses these legal and contractual issues and describes methods and tools that can be used to enable the growth of technology to be used in a legal and contractually valid environment.


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Hassan, Tarek / Shelbourn, Mark / Carter, Chris: Collaboration in Construction: Legal and Contractual Issues in ICT Applications. 2004.

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