Building a Better Future: Major Results from the ICCI Cluster Project

Zarli, Alain; Storer, Graham; Kazi, Abdul Samad (Sami) GND

To support research in the building sector and in order to help it move towards a new digital economy, the European Commission under the 5th Framework initiative, especially the IST programme, funded various RTD projects. The opportunity to bring these IST projects together was acknowledged so that stronger links can be created under a clustering umbrella and that, moreover, links of those projects with their RTD environment could be facilitated. This has been the objective of work carried out within the ICCI (IST-2001-33022) Cluster project. This paper introduces the main aims and objectives of the project, and then presents its principal outcomes. In a second part, it synthesises the underlying concepts, technology and tools that will make ICT-based Construction a reality in a near future, and gives recommended actions for the industry, the EC and the Construction ICT R&D in Europe, giving some benefit of this project experience to the three communities.


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Zarli, A., Storer, G., Kazi, A.S. (Sami), 2004. Building a Better Future: Major Results from the ICCI Cluster Project.
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