Interdisciplinary Cooperation Modules in Mobile Networks

Schink, Claus-Jürgen; Koch, Volker

The contribution describes the didactical integration of wireless access networks for the campus of the University of Karlsruhe in the education of architects and engineers. It focuses on the development of an interdisciplinary communication network to encourage and promote the communication and collaboration between students. The project assumes that significant learning progresses in net-based learning scenarios are based upon the synchronous and asynchronous cooperation between the students themselves. The remote cooperation across borders of disciplines makes high demands on capacity in communicating and cooperating of the involved persons as well as on the supporting tools. Therefore, the collective acquisition of knowledge and cooperation has to be trained intensively during the studies. Based on the design and project oriented cooperation platform the authors developed the tools “Jobadmin“ to administrate multidisciplinary workgroups, the “Swarm Knowledge Catalogue“ to collect and store knowledge and “LivingCampus“, an instrument providing basic services for dynamic communication.


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Schink, Claus-Jürgen / Koch, Volker: Interdisciplinary Cooperation Modules in Mobile Networks. 2004.

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