An Empirical Study Relating Construction Firm Performance and IT Utilization

O'Brien, William; El-Mashaleh, Mohammad

This paper examines the impact of information technology (IT) utilization on construction firm performance. Based on empirical data collected from 74 US construction firms, the analyses provide evidence that IT has a positive impact on overall firm performance, schedule performance, and cost performance. Firm performance is a composite score of several metrics of performance: schedule performance, cost performance, customer satisfaction, safety performance, and profit. No relationship is found between IT utilization and customer satisfaction, safety, or profit, although this may be due to limitations of the study given strong correlations between IT utilization and cost and schedule performnance. The empirical evidence of positive association between performance and IT use provided by this research is significant to both construction practice and research literature. This evidence should encourage firms to adopt and invest in IT tools.


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O'Brien, William / El-Mashaleh, Mohammad: An Empirical Study Relating Construction Firm Performance and IT Utilization. 2004.

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