Groundwater-Monitoring based on dynamic co-operative eGovernment-Processes

Rueppel, Uwe GND; Gutzke, Thomas

As a result of the pilot-project “Grundwasser-Online” the supervision and the active controlling of large monitoring- and catchment-areas are realised by a co-operative integration of all related institutions, a synchronisation-process to combine all distributed data into one central server database, and a high-level eGovernment-Service to provide evaluated information over the internet. Based on this software system the local authorities are able to supervise the groundwater-levels and to find adequate decisions, which finally result in official permissions for the usage of groundwater-reservoirs by the water supply companies.


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Rueppel, Uwe / Gutzke, Thomas: Groundwater-Monitoring based on dynamic co-operative eGovernment-Processes. 2004.

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