An Approach for Planning Sensor-Based Inspection of the Built Environment

Gordon, Chris; Akinci, Burcu; Garrett, James H.

The promise of lower costs for sensors that can be used for construction inspection means that inspectors will continue to have new choices to consider in creating inspection plans. However, these emerging inspection methods can require different activities, resources, and decisions such that it can be difficult to compare the emerging methods with other methods that satisfy the same inspection needs. Furthermore, the context in which inspection is performed can significantly influence how well certain inspection methods are suited for a given set of goals for inspection. Context information, such as weather, security, and the regulatory environment, can be used to understand what information about a component should be collected and how an inspection should be performed. The research described in this paper is aimed at developing an approach for comparing and selecting inspection plans. This approach consists of (1) refinement of given goals for inspection, if necessary, in order to address any additional information needs due to a given context and in order to reach a level of detail that can be addressed by an inspection activity; (2) development of constraints to describe how an inspection should be achieved; (3) matching of goals to available inspection methods, and generation of activities and resource plans in order to address the goals; and (4) selection of an inspection plan from among the possible plans that have been identified. The authors illustrate this approach with observations made at a local construction site.


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Gordon, Chris / Akinci, Burcu / Garrett, James H.: An Approach for Planning Sensor-Based Inspection of the Built Environment. 2004.

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