Increasing the Reliability and Performance through Automatization and Parallel Working

Gebbeken, Norbert; Baumhauer, Andreas; Ionita, Mihai

Re-examination of the behaviour of structures can be necessary due to deterioration or changes in the traffic situation during their lifetime. The Finite Element Method (FEM) is widely used in order to accomplish numerical analysis. Considering the development of computer performance, more detailed FEM models can be analyzed, even on site, with mobile computers. To compensate the increasing amount of data needed for the model input, measures need to be taken to save time, by distributing the work. In order to provide consistency to the model, fedback data must be checked upon reception. A local wireless computer network of ultra-portable devices linked together with a computer can provide the coordination necessary for efficient parallel working. Based on a digital model consisting of all data gathered, structural modelling and numerical analysis are performed automatically. Thus, the user is released from the work that can be automatized and the time needed for the overall analysis of a structure is decreased.


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Gebbeken, Norbert / Baumhauer, Andreas / Ionita, Mihai: Increasing the Reliability and Performance through Automatization and Parallel Working. 2004.

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