Towards Automated Defect Detection: Object-oriented Modeling of Construction Specifications

Boukamp, Frank; Akinci, Burcu

This paper describes an ongoing research on the representation and reasoning about construction specifications, which is part of a bigger research project that aims at developing a formalism for automating the identification of deviations and defects on construction sites. We specifically describe the requirements on product and process models and an approach for representing and reasoning about construction specifications to enable automated detection and assessment of construction deviations and defects. This research builds on the previous research on modeling design specifications and extends and elaborates concept of contexts developed in that domain. The paper provides an overview of how the construction specifications are being modele d in this research and points out future steps that need to be accomplished to develop the envisioned automated deviation and defect detection system.


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Boukamp, Frank / Akinci, Burcu: Towards Automated Defect Detection: Object-oriented Modeling of Construction Specifications. 2004.

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