Data Transfer and Objects Recognition in Building Design

Pavlov, Alexander

The problem of data interoperability is now very important. The formal description of construction systems and objects must base upon the modeling for the description of construction data domain. The XML-language was selected as a basis of a universal data format, ensuring natural hierarchy of objects, flexibility, good layout and expandability. The language, developed by the author, is called Building Object Description Extensible Markup Language (bodXML). The types of all objects used by data transfer should be definite beforehand with existing methods of programming. It limits the possibilities of IT in application of new types. But the recipient software must recognize the building objects even if the kind of object is unknown at the outset. The author offers a set of main topological and geometric properties being sufficient for recognition of main three-dimensional building constructions with flat edges. The tests of artificial neuron network have shown that the recognition of a kind of the constructions represented as a set of indicated parameters happens enough confidently.


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