Data Fusion and Modeling for Construction Management Knowledge Discovery

Liu, Liang; Soibelman, Lucio; Wu, Jianfeng

Advances in construction data analysis techniques have provided useful tools to discover explicit knowledge on historical databases supporting project managers’ decision making. However, in many situations, historical data are extracted and preprocessed for knowledge discovery based on time-consuming and problem-specific data preparation solutions, which often results in inefficiencies and inconsistencies. To overcome the problem, we are working on the development of a new data fusion methodology, which is designed to provide timely and consistent access to historical data for efficient and effective management knowledge discovery. The methodology is intended to be a new bridge between historical databases and data analysis techniques, which shields project managers from complex data preparation solutions, and enables them to use discovered knowledge for decision making more conveniently. This paper briefly describes the motivation, the background and the initial results of the ongoing research.


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Liu, Liang / Soibelman, Lucio / Wu, Jianfeng: Data Fusion and Modeling for Construction Management Knowledge Discovery. 2004.

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