Application of Data Warehouse and Data Mining in Construction Management

Jianping, Zhang; Tianyi, Ma; Qiping, Shen

All construction project are constrained by their schedules, budgets and specifications, and safety and environmental regulations. These constraints made construction management more complex and difficult. At the same time, many historical data that can support the decisions in the future are kept in construction enterprises,. To use the historical data effectively and efficiently, it is essential to apply the data warehouse and data mining technologies. This paper introduces a research which aims to develop a data warehouse system according to the requirements of construction enterprises and use data mining technology to learn useful information and knowledge from the data warehouse system. The design, the development and the application of this system are detailedly introduced in this paper.


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Jianping, Zhang / Tianyi, Ma / Qiping, Shen: Application of Data Warehouse and Data Mining in Construction Management. 2004.

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