A Case Study of IFC and CIS/2 Support for Steel Supply Chain Processes

O'Brien, William; Danso-Amoako, Mark; Issa, Raja

The evolution of data exchange and integration standards within the Architectural, Engineering and Construction industry is gradually making the long-held vision of computer-integratedconstruction a reality. The Industry Foundations Classes and CIMSteel Integration Standards are two such standards that have seen remarkable successes over the past few years. Despite successes, these standards support the exchange of product data more than they do process data, especially those processes that are loosely coupled with product models. This paper reports on on-going research to evaluate the adequacy of the IFC and CIS/2 standards to support process modeling in the steel supply chain. Some initial recommendations are made regarding enhancements to the data standards to better support processes.


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O’Brien, W., Danso-Amoako, M., Issa, R., 2004. A Case Study of IFC and CIS/2 Support for Steel Supply Chain Processes.
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