SiDaCoS: Product and Process Models on Construction Sites

Reinhardt, Jan; Garrett, James H.; Akinci, Burcu

Site superintendents performing project management tasks on construction sites need to access project documents and need to collect information that they observe while inspecting the site. Often, information that is observed on a construction site needs to be integrated into electronic documents or project control systems. In the future, we expect integrated product and process models to be the medium for storing and handling construction project management information. Even though mobile computing devices today are already capable of storing and handling such integrated product and process data models, the user interaction with such large and complex models is difficult and not adequately addressed in the existing research. In this paper, we introduce a system that supports project management tasks on construction sites effectively and efficiently by making integrated product and process models accessible. In order to effectively and efficiently enter or access information, site superintendents need visual representations of the project data that are flexible with respect to the level of detail, the decomposition structure, and the type of visual representation. Based on this understanding of the information and data collection needs, we developed the navigational model framework and the application Site Data Collection System (SiDaCoS), which implements that framework. The navigational model framework allows site superintendents to create customized representations of information contained in a product and process model that correspond to their data access and data collection needs on site.


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Reinhardt, Jan / Garrett, James H. / Akinci, Burcu: SiDaCoS: Product and Process Models on Construction Sites. 2004.

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