Novel Technologies for Construction Field Data Collection

Liu, Liang; Soibelman, Lucio; Trupp, Torsten

A vast growth of advanced information technology systems and tools nowadays is opening new ways to collect accurate as-built data. Since the turn of the millennium, new technology developments enable for the first time to gather accurate as-built information. Accurate as-built data will be of great usage to construction management as well as to designers and engineers. Given that most of the planned data are already digitally available, as-built data remains on paper forms. Information technology developments are opening new ways to digitize construction field data in order to develop intelligent tools for construction management allowing design engineers to update as-planned data. 3D Laser scanning, digital close-range photogrammetry and mobile computing are among the promising data collection technologies, which are auspicious to create new opportunities to develop advanced construction management and engineering tools. Primarily, accurate collected as-built data will be highly beneficial for the process of updating as-planned data.


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Liu, Liang / Soibelman, Lucio / Trupp, Torsten: Novel Technologies for Construction Field Data Collection. 2004.

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