A Framework for Computer-Aided Conceptual Design of Building Structures

Bédard, Claude; Mora, Rodrigo; Rivard, Hugues

This paper describes a framework for computer-aided conceptual design of building structures that results from building architectural considerations. The central task that is carried out during conceptual design is the synthesis of the structural system. This paper proposes a methodology for the synthesis of structural solutions. Given the nature of architectural constraints, user-model interactivity is devised as the most suitable computer methodology for driving the structural synthesis process. Taking advantage of the hierarchical organization of the structural system, this research proposes a top-down approach for structural synthesis. Through hierarchical refinement, the approach lends itself to the synthesis of global and local structural solutions. The components required for implementing the proposed methodology are briefly described. The main components have been incorporated in a proof-of-concept prototype that is being tested and validated with actual buildings.


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Bédard, C., Mora, R., Rivard, H., 2004. A Framework for Computer-Aided Conceptual Design of Building Structures.
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