Calculation of beam structures with the symbolic computer language Maple

Gebbeken, Norbert; Pfeiffer, Eberhard; Videkhina, Inna

Beside the standard calculation programs for civil engineering buildings mathematical programs have been lately established for the solution of differential equations for the analysis of mechanical and static systems. Programs like Maple, Matlab, MathCAD and Mathematica are popular in this field. To the knowledge of the authors, the widest application functionality offers the program Maple. Its advantages are, e.g. the alternatively symbolic or numerical solution of differential equation systems, the easy handling of parameter studies, the immediate visualization of results, the definition of macros for selected calculation steps and their export in other computer languages and, not least, the automatically generated, very clear documentation of the matehematical calculus.


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Gebbeken, Norbert / Pfeiffer, Eberhard / Videkhina, Inna: Calculation of beam structures with the symbolic computer language Maple. 2004.

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