European Harbour Data Repository

The European Harbour Data Repository is a series of databases which were compiled in the framework of the DFG-funded Priority Program 1630 “Harbours from the Roman Period to the Middle Ages” ( by a team of archaeologists, historians, geographers, and information technology specialists. It catalogues harbours, harbour-related infrastructure, and vessels all over Europe with a chronological focus on the Roman and Medieval Period. Different digital volumes of the data repository have been compiled by several project teams within and without the Priority Program. Every volume of the Data Repository is authored by one or several specialists. Therefore, the spatial and chronological focus, as well as the size of the datasets, differ significantly. Given the spatial and chronological scale and the diversity of sources, this Data Repository does not aim to be exhaustive. The different databases are available as Excel-file as well as .csv to allow for long-term reusability. Further information and specific critical comments are available in an accompanying pdf for each database.


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