Communication in mentoring : a grounded theory approach

Over the last few decades, research on mentoring in general has gained momentum, and many researchers have focused on aspects of mentoring such as mentor and mentee qualities, responsibilities, mentoring styles and mentoring dialogues. Communication in mentoring, however, is an understudied topic, and this study aimed to investigate the impact of communication in mentoring on mentoring relationships. This study investigates holistic impact of communication in mentoring on mentoring relationship in one-to-one mentoring sessions between mentor-mentee dyads. To comprehend communication in mentoring, it is important to understand communication, which is “something that we do, something that we make, and something that we work on when we receive it from others” (Dimbleby & Burton, 1998, p.6). When this definition of communication is combined with mentoring it emerges as a combined effort from mentor-mentee dyad to try to understand and respond to the suggestions, ideas, remarks and comments of the other to answer each others’ concerns (Chaliès et al., 2004). Hence, communication in mentoring is a combined effort of mentor and mentee to engage each other is an effective and productive way.


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