Voice and transitivity in Kanakanavu

Wild, Ilka

This is a dissertation on the Kanakanavu language, i.e. that linguistic phenomena found while working on the language underwent a deeper analysis and linguistic techniques were used to provide data and to present analyses in a structured manner. Various topics of the Kanakanavu language system are exemplified: Starting with a grammar sketch of the language, the domains phonology, morphology, and syntax are described and information on the linguistic features in these domains are given. Beyond a general overview of the situation and a brief description of the language and its speakers, an investigation on a central part of the Kanakanavu language system, namely its voice system, can be found in this work. First, it is analyzed and described by its formal characteristics. Second, the question of the motivation of using the voice system in connection to transitivity and, in the literature less often recognized, the semantic side of transitive constructions, i.e. its effectiveness, is discussed. Investigations on verb classes in Kanakanavu and possible semantic connections are presented as well as investigations on possible situations of different degrees of effectiveness. This enables a more detailed view on the language system and, in particular, its voice system.



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Wild, Ilka: Voice and transitivity in Kanakanavu. Erfurt 2018.

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