Extending the HSRI tyre model for large inflation pressure changes

Höpping, Kristian; Augsburg, Klaus GND; Büchner, Florian

The choice of the optimal tyre inflation pressure is always a conflict of aims since the inflation pressure has a significant influence on safety, comfort and environmental behaviour of a vehicle. The development of a dynamic Tyre Pressure Control System (TPCS) can reduce the conflict of minimal rolling resistance and maximal traction. Driven by the requirements for autonomous driving, recently substantial progress was made to predict the road conditions precisely and robust. This premise moves the development of a Tyre Pressure Control System (TPCS) to the focus of research. To study the influence of the tyre inflation pressure on longitudinal tyre characteristics under laboratory conditions, an experimental sensitivity analysis is performed using a multivalent usable Corner Module Test Rig (CMTR) developed by the Automotive Engineering Group at Technische Universität Ilmenau. The test rig is designed to analyse suspension system and tyre characteristics on a roller of the recently installed 4 chassis roller dynamometer. Camber angle, toe angle and wheel load can be adjusted continuously. In addition, it is possible to control the temperature of the test environment between -20°C and +45°C. The results of the experimental study, that covers a wide range of different wheel loads and inflation pressures for three different tyre variations, show a significant influence of the inflation pressure on longitudinal tyre characteristics as slip stiffness or maximum traction force. To simulate the influence of a TCPS on vehicle dynamics with a numerical simulation tool, it is essential to describe the influence of the inflation pressure on tyre characteristics correctly with a tyre simulation model. Consequently, the well-known physically based HSRI tyre model adapted from Dugoff is extended for large inflation pressure changes. The model parameters for the tyre model are determined with a parameter identification method implemented in a developed automatic MATLAB analysis tool. The extended HSRI tyre model shows a good model accuracy to represent the tyre inflation pressure dependent tyre characteristics.


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Höpping, Kristian / Augsburg, Klaus / Büchner, Florian: Extending the HSRI tyre model for large inflation pressure changes. Ilmenau 2017.

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