Development of an acceleration sensor incorporating a magneto-sensitive elastomer

Günther, Lars; Becker, Felix GND; Becker, Tatiana I. GND; Stepanov, Gennady V.; Zimmermann, Klaus GND

The present paper introduces an operating principle and concept of an acceleration sensor with an adaptable measuring range and sensitivity basing on the adjustability of the material properties of magneto-sensitive elastomers. The development of such a sensor requires a comprehensive understanding of the behaviour of the utilized material. Therefore, the magnetic field dependent behaviour of magnetic hybrid elastomer (MHE) with embedded magnetically soft and hard particles is investigated. Free vibrations of MHE beams are executed and hereafter, the frequency and damping behaviour are established. It is shown that the change of the magnetic field caused by a vibrating MHE beam contains detailed information about its deflection. Basing on the revealed results, the acceleration sensor concept incorporating a functional MHE element is presented. The possibility to adjust the material properties of this element with an externally applied magnetic field is used.


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Günther, Lars / Becker, Felix / Becker, Tatiana / et al: Development of an acceleration sensor incorporating a magneto-sensitive elastomer. Ilmenau 2017.

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