Endless diamond wire saw for monocrystalline silicon cutting

Knoblauch, Ricardo; Costa, João V. M. R.; Weingaertner, Walter Lindolfo GND; Xavier, Fabio A.; Wegener, Konrad

The multi-wire sawing of silicon using diamond coated wire is an important process in the semiconductor and photovoltaic industry. The process is performed by pushing the silicon ingot against a wire web that moves forwards and backwards. As the feed direction of the wire changes many times and the cutting speed is not constant, a proper investigation of the cutting process is very difficult to be performed. Aiming to experimentally investigate the multi-wire sawing of monocrystalline silicon (mono-Si), this work proposes a new test rig. For that, the requirements list is defined, and based on that, several conceptual solutions are proposed. The final solution is an endless wire saw that uses aerostatic bearing technology on its slides and rotatory bearings. Features of the built test rig are presented, as well as some results of experiments on process characterization and tracking the same diamond grains for wear analysis. The objective of tracking the same diamond grains for wear analysis is accomplished with the experimental setup.


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Knoblauch, Ricardo / Costa, João / Weingaertner, Walter / et al: Endless diamond wire saw for monocrystalline silicon cutting. Ilmenau 2017.

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