Creep and relaxation behavior of spring steel wires

Schleichert, Johannes; Kletzin, Ulf GND

This paper deals with creep and relaxation behavior of spring steel wires and helical compression springs. The mathematical description of this behavior over time regarding torsional stress is regarded closely. The derived equations based on the NORTON-BAILEY creep law are used for the evaluation of experimental data examining the relaxation as well as the creep behavior of different types of spring steel wire under torsional stress. As a part of the experimental approach, the heat treatments, which the wires were exposed to, as well as the level of relaxation stress and the surrounding temperature are varied. In this context the main influencing factors regarding creep deformations are discussed and creep specific characteristics are determined. Finally, the effect of different material, heat treatment, surrounding temperature and level of stress on the creep behavior are discussed and material constants identified.


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Schleichert, Johannes / Kletzin, Ulf: Creep and relaxation behavior of spring steel wires. Ilmenau 2017.

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