Wire- and powder laser cladding of Inconel® 625

Laschkow, Alexander; Lauffs, Alexander; Weingaertner, Walter Lindolfo GND; Pereira, Milton; Gutjahr, Jhonattan; Souza Pinto Pereira, Adriano de

Due to the material properties and process applicability, laser cladding of Inconel® 625 is ought to have applications in the aerospace and deep-sea pipeline coating. This study background refers to the second application; thus, only single clad layers are presented. The focus is the comparison of layers made with wire and powder feeding laser cladding strategies. Processes suitability regarding application will be pondered over, while characterizing Inconel® 625 depositions and considering process characteristics. In a first step, the analysis considers a comparison between both cladding methods, operating within assumptions and a similar range of main parameters. After inferring from these results, the achieved knowledge is used to adjust settings on the second step, where both processes are optimized individually. Clad quality is evaluated regarding to geometry through optical microscopy, dilution percentage and chemical composition in different positions in the clad are analysed by EDS and substrate-to-clad hardness is measured.



Laschkow, Alexander / Lauffs, Alexander / Weingaertner, Walter / et al: Wire- and powder laser cladding of Inconel® 625. Ilmenau 2017.


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