Development of a robot-human-interface using an RGBD camera

Bothe, Kathrin; Winkler, Alexander; Goldhahn, Leif GND

Against the backdrop of global economic development, industrial assembly in Germany is in a state of change, prompted by the country’s high-wage business environment. This article describes the need for new technologies to the increase flexibility and security regarding human-robot cooperation. Furthermore, a possible model for managing this transition is described on detail, involving the use of an RGBD camera from Microsoft. With this camera, it should be possible to detect state and position changes of people in a human-robot workstation and consequently adapt the movements of the robot. Overall, the essential aim of this paper is to suggest ways to increase economic efficiency within assembly processes along with increasing security.


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Bothe, Kathrin / Winkler, Alexander / Goldhahn, Leif: Development of a robot-human-interface using an RGBD camera. Ilmenau 2017.

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