Flank wear measurement: a procedure proposal using computer vision techniques

Costa, Pedro Bastos; Silveira, Gustavo Fonseca da; Barros, Wellington Santos

This study presents a developed methodology for evaluating wearing helical drills using a computer vision system. The work takes part in a project for the production of ecofriendly cutting fluids. One of the form taken to analyze the fluid efficiency was determining the tool’s wear during the machining. For the tests, high speed steel drills with 3 mm and 7 mm diameter were used. The drills were photographed before and after the drilling of 50 holes in a 1020 steel plate using the ecofriendly and the normal cutting fluids. The images were processed and analyzed to measure the flank wear. In this paper the methodology for acquisition, process and image analyze for flank wearing measurement will be shown. Besides, it will also present a different parameter based on the wearing area for low wear values.


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Costa, Pedro / da Silveira, Gustavo / Barros, Wellington: Flank wear measurement: a procedure proposal using computer vision techniques. Ilmenau 2017.

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