Photometric data for the development of lighting components

The availability of accurate photometric data is crucial for the development of lighting technology components. Especially in the course of the displacement of the classical lamps by solid-state lighting (SSL) technologies and the resulting increased range of lighting applications, the requirements for these measurement data have increased. Here, optical simulation programs based on ray tracing algorithms (Computer-Aided Lighting – CAL) open up new development processes. State-of-the-art is the use of ray files measured by camera-based near-field goniophotometers. Some of those systems also offer measurements of the luminous intensity distribution, luminous flux and goniospectrometric data in conformity with IES LM-79-08, EN 13032-4 and CIE S 025, and can thus also take over the classical measurement tasks of far-field goniophotometers. This paper illustrates applications of the data measured with near-field goniophotometers and luminance measuring cameras in the field of simulation, glare evaluation and luminaire characterization.


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