Qualification of silane coatings for the strength enhancement of concrete parts

In former own publications [2]..[6] it was shown, that high precision concrete parts are a reliable alternative to natural stone for machine base frames. Beside long-term stability, also a predictable and highly reproducible thermal behavior is required. One opportunity is the application of materials with identical thermal expansion coefficients and appropriate mechanical properties. Concrete is a promising material for the whole machine structure under these circumstances. In contrast to base frames, moving parts need to have a lightweight design thus requiring a high level of specific stiffness. Concrete with a specific stiffness close to steel is an interesting material for the design of movable components coming up with dynamic properties comparable to welded steel structures. Additionally a high material strength is needed in lightweight design. To guarantee reliability at the same level as steel or aluminum light-weight parts, the endurance strength of concrete parts has to be improved significantly.


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