Motorized measurement device for automatic registration of cutting edges

Sheet metal products can be found in almost all household-, electrical appliances, vehicles and industrial machines. One of the widely spread methods of sheet metal processing is the shearing process which separates large sheets into smaller sections (stampings) for subsequent operations. Cutting edges of stampings are substantial for the evaluation of the product quality. For this purpose the significant parameters of cutting edges such as rollover, burnish, fracture and burr are standardized in VDI norm 2906. Currently, the most popular methods of evaluation of cutting edges are metallography, confocal microscopy and tactile measuring systems, which are still time-consuming and cost-intensive, since the stamped parts need to be analyzed by qualified personnel. This work is based on objectives aimed at developing a motorized measurement device, which registry edge profiles automatically by means of optical sensors and calculate parameters of cutting edges by means of an algorithm. Therefore no specific knowledges of user are required for the evaluation.


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